About Me

When he was 12 Rodney competed against thousands of teens, winning a coveted internship at Dragnet, a computer repair company. In Jr. High school he took self-study courses in HTML. In Senior high he attended a Cisco class, winning several awards with the Young Business Professionals of America, landing in the book of Who’s Who.  He attended Lake Superior College for Computer Repair and the University of MN -Duluth, for Networking.   He was on the honor roll several times in high school and college.  His internship was at the Copeland community center. He was responsible for rebuilding a failed community computer area for locals.

At 18 he started his first business called, North Paw, where he did computer repair.   Later, he moved to Florida, renaming the business PawWorks.  He began making mobile apps for android.  It was during this time he became interested in programing over computer repair.  He worked for several small computer companies and now works at Century Link as a Computer programmer/analyzer.  He is on an elite team of 6 chosen throughout the USA to create and repair computer programs.

Rodney’s hobbies include anything that is electronic or computer in nature.  He is also interested in photography and film editing.


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