Quantum Computing

Quatum Computing in the simplest of terms, it’s using quantum mechanics to get data in to particles in a totally different way than normal computers do it.  So that you can actually run problems in total different ways, the best analogy that I can think of is:

  1. A classical computer where one person is working on one problem at a time,
  2. A quantum computer is many people working on many variations of a problem at one time.

The first company that developed quantum computing is IBM.  They measure by quantum bits.  If you think about it, they are talking about 70 cubits vs a typical computer which has 4 billion bits.    Bits and cubits are two different things.  Google has the most cubits out at present.

The difference is called superposition.  Normally neutrons and protons are in a fixed position.  But, they are using probability and flexibility to figure out where a particular proton and neutrons are at a certain time.

It works especially good in a data base.  Because normally you must go through a data base one line at a time.  Using quantum computing you can search many lines at once.  It only works in a task where many people can work on a task at one time.  But if it is a task that one thing must be done before the next part starts, then quantum computing may not work as efficiently.  It’s not for everything

The task it is best used for is research and Data bases, for scientific and cloud computing.  The average person won’t have a reason to have one.

IBM will let people have time on their computer by signing up for an account. You must be a documented researcher and apply for the privilege to use their computer.

Everyone uses a classical computer, the standard one in your business and home.  The quantum computer takes up a whole room to support the equipment around the processor itself.



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